Coping with 2020

2020 is not what we expected…

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2020 has not turned out the way we thought it would…


We did not expect our New Year resolutions to fall by the wayside for quite the reasons they have. We might have started the year full of hope and with so many plans. For many this was squashed as the bushfires raged through the country. Watching the devastation unfold as a result of the fires was awful; the effect on our beautiful environment, the impact on communities, the people and businesses was so hard and it continues.

It started small, but it was soon spreading around the world with travellers. We did not expect this virus to become a pandemic. As SARS-CoV-2 travelled the globe and the CoVID-19 infection rate sped up and the death toll climbed the concern increased. Here in Australia we thought we Closed play equipmentwere reasonably safe… then we weren’t. We experienced a few months of lockdown and then restrictions eased and we thought we were getting some normality back…

But, in Melbourne this was not to be… as case numbers began climbing again we had Stage 3 restrictions reimposed in an effort to control community transmission. We began to struggle with our limited freedoms. But the case numbers continued to climb… now we face more severe restrictions. It’s hard, it feels unfair, it feels never-ending, our stress levels are climbing…

We are all disappointed and struggling with the fallout. We might be working. We might not be working. If we’re working we’re doing it at home or in a stressful environment. Our freedoms have been limited further. We can’t go out for more than an hour. We have to go shopping alone.

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We can’t see our friends, except through a screen. We can’t hug our family, unless we live with them. We can’t go out for dinner or a drink or even a coffee. We’ve had plans postponed then cancelled… holidays have been cancelled, we can’t go overseas, we can’t easily travel interstate.

The simplest way of describing our situation is that it just sucks! I’m sure I’m not alone in feeling flat and tired and lacking motivation. Some days I just want to opt out. I worry about exposure and getting sick.

BUT… how do we cope? What are you doing to ensure you’re ok? What are you doing to enhance your wellbeing?

Here are a few things that I do to lift myself out of this…

    • Cooking – I’ve learnt to make sourdough (yes, I’m one of those!!! … and I’ve finally got it working!!)
    • Exercise – I love cycling, but we’ve also been walking around our neighbourhood
    • Connection – spend time with my partner, including getting a hug
    • Connection – jumping online and catching up with friends and family
    • Meditation – not often, but sometimes & it helps to lower distress levels

Practice Update

Enhance Life Psychology is a one-woman-show and in order to ensure I could continue to help my clients I made the decision in late March to switch to 100% Telehealth. As the first lockdown came to an end in June I began thinking about resuming face-to-face services for some, however as case numbers began climbing I held off. Then Lockdown 2.0 was announced, then stage 4.

Announcements made by DHHS last week about face-to-face services included the requirement of psychologists to where face masks, safety glasses/goggles and masks and limited to be Therapist taking notes while on telehealth callprimarily focussed on preventing hospitalisation. This means that telehealth consultations are now recommended for most clients.

I will continue to offer telehealth consultations; a return to face-to-face services will hopefully occur in time, but when I’m not sure.


Accessing assistance is as simple as contacting me by email or phone, or by making an appointment via the online portal that can be found here.

      • You do NOT need a referral to see a psychologist.
      • You might be eligible for a rebate from Medicare., BUT to access this you will need a a mental healthcare plan (MHCP) and a referral from your GP.
      • MHCPs usually enable you to seek rebates for up to 10 consultations within a calendar year.
      • If you have already exhausted this allocation in 2020, you might be eligible to access a further 10 under a recently announced extension to the Better Access program for those under Stage 4 restrictions or under public health orders to stay home due to a COViD-19 diagnosis.

Book online by clicking here

If this has struck a chord with you and you feel like you need to talk, send me a message . You can also contact me on 0412657234 to discuss how I might be able to help you manage more effectively.

This was originally sent as an email update…

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