CoVID-19 Humour, Positive Psychology and Coping

Tough Times…

Things have moved at a much faster pace than many of us realise they would. One way to cope is create humour… and the world’s musicians have come to the party!

There are so many of us facing restrictions on movement, lockdowns, isolation and struggles with mental and physical health.

In Australia we (as a community, on average) have struggled with the idea of what social or physical distancing actually means and how actually put it into practice. The government has announced new measures that are aimed at showing us what we need to do to ‘flatten the curve’… limit and slow down the infection rate of novel coronavirus due to the severe effects that CoVID-19 can have on large portions of our community.

Lighten the Mood with Humour & Music…

Humour is one way that we can lighten our moods and shift the perspective with which we are looking at our experiences. This does not solve the problem of course… but it might create laughter which is known to have positive effects on our wellbeing. Share the laughter with a friend… and feel free to send anything else that has that has made you laugh in the comments.




I will update and the content on this page as we travel through this global crisis, new content will be added at the top.

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