Enhance Your Life – The Podcast!

I launched my podcast at the end of October 2019. The podcast, Enhance Your Life with Nonie Carr, will contain simple tips that are easy to implement now that will contribute to enhancing your life.

Podcasts are Popular

Podcasts are continually growing in popularity. By March this year the number of Australians who listen has grown from 1 million 4 years ago to about 1.6 million! In America the statistics suggest that a third of Americans listen to podcasts every week!

In May this year I wrote an article with a list of psychology podcasts that might be useful for you to listen to in learning about psychology or looking for psycho-education about psychological issues or tips on what you could do in your search for ways through challenges. It has been a reasonably popular resource, thought not exhaustive. It does need a little updating… I’ve come across a few others that I quite like since then!

So why add to the plethora of podcasts?

Recently I decided that there is a limited number of people I can help in the one-on-one setting of the therapy room. In order to reach the greatest number of people I needed a different platform.

But therapy…

Obviously, therapy is a valuable process for many people. It is a dynamic and challenging process that assists us in our curiosity about ourselves. It enables us to learn about our internal processes and to shift our way of being, doing and thinking and to interact with the world around us, and people, in a way that is more aligned with how and who we want to be. For some people therapy is the best way to find a new way of being. But for many of us, psycho-education (or being educated about about psychology, the way we think and behave) assists us to make changes that might be helpful to our us.

Enhance Your Life with Nonie Carr

Are you ready to learn more about how to enhance your life? I’ll be offering tips and information on practical things that you can do to enhance your life, find more contentedness and get ideas about how to find a new helpful perspective.

Here is the link to my podcast on Anchor.fm

It can also be found on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Breaker, Google Podcasts and PocketCasts.

A video of the first episode can also be found on Youtube –

I will be aiming to release new episodes weekly. And I will also be adding the audio from a variety of videos I’ve recorded over the past few years.

I look forward to hearing feedback on my podcast. And if you find it helpful, please do share it.

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