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Enhance Life Psychology takes a holistic approach to enhancing your wellbeing and performance.  We practice in Melbourne and have capacity to see clients online.


Nonie Carr

I’ve been working with people for over 15 years. I’ve been a teacher and a psychologist in a school and in private practice. In April 2017 I established Enhance Life Psychology and have been growing my practice and brand and building my experience.

Those who enter my counselling space are greeted with warmth and curiosity, helping you to feel more at ease within yourself and ready to develop more confidence.

You want to explore your possibilities, those things that you dream about, those talents that you’ve noticed, and those skills that you dismiss. You want to improve your well-being and performance and boost your motivation to pursue goals. You want to draw on and harness your strengths and skills as you journey towards a more authentic and engaged life.

My goal for you is to achieve clarity, to find new or different perspectives, and alternative ways to think, behave and approach situations. The result of this collaborative work is often improved performance, a new perspective, changed behaviour and more effective coping and discoveries about your possibilities.

Enhance Life Psychology - Nonie Carr photo by Lisa Atkinson

I have an interest in working with athletes. This comes out of my own experience as a cyclist. I have raced at club, state and national level and even had the opportunity to race at the World Masters level. I understand the training required to compete at this level. I worked on developing the mental strength and resilience needed to keep training and racing despite not performing as I’d like. I worked to tame my own anxiety in the lead-up to major events and in consultation with a psychologist I developed strategies that assisted me to improve my performance. I enjoy helping athletes to find the strategies to manage anxiety and strengthen their performance.

I am a Psychologist. I am a Possibility Coach. I am Enhance Life Psychology.

Counselling Psychologist
BSSc(Family Studies); GradDipEd(Secondary); MPsych(Counselling)

Enhance Life Psychology - Nonie Carr photo by Lisa Atkinson
Enhance Life Psychology
Enhance Life Psychology
Enhance Life Psychology

How I can help you...

I have experience in helping adults and adolescents with a variety of issues but have a particular interest in:

  • Performance and confidence in sport, performing arts, work or social areas

  • Anxiety, in a variety of areas, particularly performance anxiety

  • Self-esteem and confidence

  • Motivation, problem-solving and goal-setting

  • Body image, insecurity issues and confidence

  • Study skills, organisation and time management

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