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Enhance Life Psychology is about helping you work towards living an enhanced life. Collaborating closely, we explore the person you want to be and the life you want to live in.

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The road to change can be hard. We’ll help you master the right tools to grow your life independently, whatever it takes.

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Some wonderful resources exist online to get you thinking about what wellbeing means to you. We’ll be featuring some of them here.


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Warmth and acceptance are the starting-point for our work with clients. Nonie Carr works with adolescents through to adults, on a range of issues.

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Sometimes you notice something and you need to go back and capture it.

Fridays are a client free day so I took advantage of this morning’s sun to go for a ride. I’ve probably seen this view before, but today I was going in a different direction.

When was the last time you went a different way? Did you notice things you don’t usually notice? Did you stop and be present for a moment? Did you notice the colours, the light & reflections, the sounds?

Taking a new perspective on current experiences can make a difference in the thoughts you have and how you feel.


Such a lovely evening to walk along the beach and enjoy the mild evening. ...

We’re moving!

As previewed in my stories last week. Enhance Life Psychology is moving to Albert Park.

All consultations are continuing in the telehealth format for the moment.
When we return to offering face-to-face consultations you will be coming to our new rooms in Albert Park.

It is hoped that we’ll be able to safely offer face-to-face consultations by December, maybe earlier. We look forward to welcoming you back and seeing you in person.
But updates on this will come in time.


It’s World Mental Health Day. It’s a reminder that mental health is important... not just today, but every day.
It’s a reminder that we might need to check in on those we care about... especially when times are tough, or you haven’t heard from them.
It’s a reminder that we need to do things that enhance our mental health.
For me that often means cycling, cooking, spending time with loved ones... and of course sharing the food I’ve cooked!
Today I slept in, I’m still in my pyjamas (yes even psychologists can be lazy😳), I’m into my second cup of coffee, I’ve just started my sourdough for the weekend, I’m about to strain my kefir (yes, homemade), I’m considering starting some brined vegetables or sauerkraut and I’ll probably go for a walk or ride this afternoon before cooking curry for dinner! I will also make a few social phone calls.
This is how I fill my cup... what will you do today, tomorrow, and the next day, and the next day... to fill your cup, to enhance your wellbeing? How will you nurture yourself to enable you do what you need to do or to give to others?

How good is this!!!
Did you watch the budget? No... neither did I... 🙄but I did follow up between clients after reading the news today!😁
This is such good news for mental healthcare. It’s much needed recognition that sometimes it’s takes longer to work through issues and create different ways of thinking, find alternative perspectives, and develop new habits.

Such a beautiful afternoon today. Perfect spring weather for the first day of October.
It’s Mental Health Month.
Today’s ride had 2 purposes...
1. To nurture my own mental wellbeing. Riding gives me a sense of freedom and a perfect opportunity to be completely present.
2. I’m trying to increase my riding distance as it gets closer to #RideWithMe2020. This year we’re riding our own course with our own elevation or distance goal. The purpose is to raise funds for the @lovemeloveyoufoundation. You can find the link to donate in my bio.
AND you can join in too if you want to!
What did you do today for your mental health?

In Melbourne the restrictions around face-to-face consulting include the requirement for clinicians to wear Type 1 face masks (not cloth) and eye protection and for clients to also wear Type 1 face masks. Face-to-face consultations can also only occur to prevent significant deterioration of mental health.😷
It's currently looking like these restrictions might not be relaxed until November.🙁
I miss seeing my clients in person, but I also like seeing your entire face... so at this point I will continue to be offering consultations via telehealth.
We are unsure if Medicare rebates for telehealth for those located in Metropolitan areas will be extended beyond 30 September 2020... but we all have our fingers & toes crossed! If you have concerns about continuing to access mental health services without a rebate please make contact and we can talk.

Morning! Such a beautiful spring morning... on my way to get coffee.
There was an article in The Age this morning about the benefits of a ‘fake’ commute for mindset and productivity. Creating a routine that creates a break between being ‘at home’ and ‘at work’ is helpful. For many people the usual break is our commute, now that so many of us are working from home this routine that assists and mindset shift is gone.
Walking to get a coffee is today’s mindset shift!! ☕️😁
What could you do to help you shift your mindset at the beginning & end of your work day?