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Enhance Life Psychology is about helping you work towards living an enhanced life. Collaborating closely, we explore the person you want to be and the life you want to live in.

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The road to change can be hard. We’ll help you master the right tools to grow your life independently, whatever it takes.

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Some wonderful resources exist online to get you thinking about what wellbeing means to you. We’ll be featuring some of them here.


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Warmth and acceptance are the starting-point for our work with clients. Nonie Carr works with adolescents through to adults, on a range of issues.

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Move your body. It feels good and does so much for your mental health. 🕺🏻
Drawing by @buddhadoodles

Allowing your thoughts to just be, to just float by, without engaging is a mindfulness practice that can reduce distressing responses. ・・・
If you’d like to learn more please contact me via
From the wonderful @buddhadoodles

Meditation, a mindset of equanimity, noticing, accepting and floating on by... and how this might assist you to manage challenging, uncomfortable, or unwanted sensations, emotions, thoughts or experiences.
I spoke about at his in the latest podcast episode - Enhance Your Life with Equanimity.
You can listen to the podcast on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Stitcher and more...
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Just a little reminder at the end of the day.
It was a little like this in many places in Melbourne today... so much rain☔️ ... so welcome given the fires that have been burning. 🤞the rain falls in areas affected.
🖍Illustration from the Page-A-Day calendar by the talented @buddhadoodles.

The government is acknowledging and responding to the need that many will have for support after the recent, and still current, bushfires. They have put the Bushfire Recovery Access Program; it allows for those experiencing an adverse change to their mental health as a result of the fires.
This Infographic outlines the main differences between this program and the Better Access program that we are more familiar with. 🙏📞
Please contact the practice if you would like to discuss your eligibility. Enhance Life Psychology is able to offer a series of 6 bulk billed consultations to a limited number of people looking for support. 🖥
Video consultations will be available to those living in applicable rural areas. Face-to-face sessions are available in Prahran.

The latest episode of my podcast has been posted.
I’ve spoken about finding to exercise in an already busy schedule.
Search for Enhance Your Life with Nonie Carr on, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, or wherever your listen to podcasts. ✳️This was NOT today! Once again Melbourne is blanketed with smoke from the bushfires and exercising outside has been strongly advised against... it’s been likened to smoking a pack of cigarettes 😖 and it’s even been advised to wear appropriate masks to protect your lungs! 😷

This is a 3D visualisation of where the bushfires 🔥have affected Australia between 5 December 2019 & 5 January 2020. It was made using data from NASA's satellites by @anthony_hearsey. There are parts of Australia that have been burning for 4 months. Bushfires are not uncommon in Australian summers BUT... this is something quite different; there is no precedent for the devastation these fires are wreaking.
It might be drizzling in the south east at the moment... but it’s nowhere near enough and it appears there is unlikely to be any rain in the next few weeks. Melbourne is shrouded in smoke today🌫 and, though I have only mild asthma, I am finding it difficult to breathe. There have been many reports about the area that is affected and just how vast it is. There have been many reports about the wildlife and natural habitat lost... some areas might not recover for hundreds of years. 😢it is possible these fires will continue for a long time.
There are many communities and groups needing assistance. If you would like to donate here is a list of those who would gratefully accept whatever you’d like to give:
Koalas In Care

I’m sure there are many more registered groups who are able to take donations, but please check that you are giving to a registered group before giving... there are a number of scams around at the moment.