Service Fees

Service Fees

Enhance Life Psychology is a private billing practice. This means that you are choosing to make an investment in your wellbeing. This is an emotional and cognitive investment, as well as a financial investment in the therapeutic relationship with me, Nonie, your psychologist.

My fees reflect my training and experience and allow me to offer you the very best service. Fees are calculated on the cost of running a business, registration and insurance as well as maintaining my professional development and learning; we cannot know everything and need to engage in ongoing learning throughout our career.

Investing financially in your therapy often means that you are more likely to invest in the therapeutic process from an emotional and cognitive perspective as well.

Psychologists invest in our training, ongoing professional development and confidential consultations with experienced psychologists, or supervisors. In order to maintain our professional registration, we are required to complete a specific number of hours in professional development and supervision every year. This enables us to keep up-to-date with new research, to expand and improve our skills, and helps us to remain accountable for the treatment of our clients

Keep in mind that the fee you pay is used also to pay for the standard costs of running a business. This includes room rental, phone and internet costs, bank and merchant fees, tax, superannuation as well as holiday and sick leave.

Please note – It is understood that it can sometimes be difficult to afford the gap. When there is significant financial difficulty it is possible to discuss reducing the gap.


  • Standard Appointment Fees apply

    between 9am & 4:30pm
    50 - 55 minutes - $270

  • Short Session

    30 - 45 minutes - $220

  • Long Session

    70 - 90 minutes - $360

    Long sessions are often used for EMDR treatment. However, you can opt to have longer sessions if that suits you.

  • After-Hours Appointment Fees apply

    for appointment that start after 4:30pm - $300

  • Medicare rebates are only processed after payment has been received.
    And rebates are only applicable with a GP referral and a MHCP.

  • You might be eligible to submit a claim for rebate with your private health insurer but you will need to check your policy and submit your claim yourself.

  • Reduced fees are available, but only upon mutual agreement.

  • The above fees apply to all clients. Fees increased on 6 May 2024. 

    Please note that both the AAPi and the APS recommend standard session fees of $300. This usually increases each financial year. 

Cancellation and Non-Attendance

Session fees apply to all appointments. When appointments cannot be attended as scheduled advance notice is appreciated. When advance notice is not provided, or sessions are simply not attended three people are losing out…

  • The individual delaying their therapy

  • The individual who has been waiting for an appointment

  • The psychologist who has been preparing for that session.

It is understood that sometimes things change and you are unable to attend your scheduled appointment. If this is the case, please make contact as soon as possible. If no, or little notice is provided your session fee will still be applicable.

If you make contact 48 hours before your appointment the session fee is not payable. Failure to give a minimum of 24 hours notice of a cancellation will result in the session fee being charged. This fee is not covered by Medicare / TAC / WorkCover / Third Parties and applies to all clients.

Enhance Life Psychology automatically sends courtesy reminders about appointments 3 days prior to your appointment. This gives you enough time to consider if you absolutely cannot attend and then to cancel or reschedule your appointment to avoid needing to pay the session fee.

Please make contact as soon as possible if for some reason, you need to reschedule or cancel your appointment. It is preferred that cancellations be made by phone, though other methods are accepted.

You will be notified about the requirement to pay a session fee and the fee will be processed within 24 hours of your appointment using the credit card details supplied.

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