Consulting & Speaking

Professional Supervision

I've been practicing for over 10 years and have experience in education settings, and have particular interests in anxiety, performance and education. I have a passion for teaching and guiding people to improve themselves and learn to be their best. Being your best means practicing, learning, seeking guidance, taking advice and working through problems to find the right solution for you and a client.

I look forward to supporting developing psychologists in their journey to be their best, to help their clients be their best. I enjoy helping others enhance their performance to be their best.

As a Board Approved Supervisor I am able to guide you on your journey to become a registered Psychologist. I am also able to support your journey towards Endorsement as a Counselling Psychologist.

Consulting & Speaking

My training and experience as a teacher gives me a unique ability to present to groups of adolescents. Working as a school psychologist also required me to present to groups. I have experience presenting to teacher groups, psychologists and athletes. I am available for workshops, speaking and online training. I am available for presentations for organisations, community, and school groups. Topics for presentations encompass performance enhancement in sport, the arts, study, or work and how to manage performance anxiety.

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