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Best Psychology Podcasts

Do you know which psychology podcasts are good to listen to? This blog post contains a list of psychology podcasts that give a some helpful or interesting information. I listen to them or they have been recommended to me. If you have any you’d like to add, please don’t hesitate to send me a message via Facebook or Instagram.

So why podcasts?

There are so many psychology podcasts out there.

It seems that everyone is starting a podcast now… and they are so easy to start.

BUT it’s not so easy to produce a successful podcast.

I would suggest that there are a few things that contribute to making a podcast successful…

  • having a good audience (don’t ask me what size) – size & repeat listeners,
  • longevity (one that lasts a reasonable amount of time, unless it’s designed to cover a limited time period),
  • dynamic host(s) and/or guest(s),
  • interesting content.

So with that…

Which do I consider are the Best Psychology Podcasts and why?

So here’s a list, not at all comprehensive, of a variety of podcasts that I have listened to that do a few things…

  • interesting & informative content
  • might offer an alternative perspective
  • might encourage help-seeking
  • might offer some tips (which are NOT designed as an alternative to actually seeking help)

I will periodically revise my list of best psychology podcasts, and add or subtract as appropriate…

I listen to podcasts using Apple Podcasts, but most can also be found on Spotify and other streaming platforms.

So here’s my list of Best Psychology Podcasts… they are not in any particular order, just the order that I picked them off my podcast list…

Best Psychology Podcasts:

Other Psychology Podcasts that I haven’t listened to much… or yet…

These are on my to listen list. When I’ve listened to some of the episodes I’ll add a summary below and shift around these lists…

Other podcasts that are somewhat related to psychology

The Potential Psychology Podcast

Potential Psychology Podcast - Best Psychology Podcast
Potential Psychology Podcast – Best Psychology Podcast

This is presented by the wonderful Ellen Jackson. Ellen is a workplace psychologist, writer, speaker and consultant. She is also an executive coach. Ellen works to help people to live to their potential.

The podcast is where she interviews a wide variety of people about their particular areas of expertise with the goal of helping us tap into our potential and live our best life.


A few episodes that you could start with are:

  • Episodes 20-22 have a focus on exercise, high performance and elite athletes
  • Episode 20 – Exercising to Fulfil your Potential with Nonie Carr
  • Episode 21 -Managing your Mind in a High Stakes Environment with Caroline Anderson
  • Episode 22 – The Psychological Life of an Elite Athlete with Diedre Anderson
  • Episode 25 – Eating and Thinking Well with Dr Naomi Malone
  • Episode 38 – Sleeping Well with Dr Kate Sprecher

The Puka-Up Podcast

Wayne Schwass and the Puka Up Podcast - Best Psychology Podcast
Wayne Schwass and the Puka Up Podcast – Best Psychology Podcast

This is an Australian podcast presented by Wayne Schwass. Wayne is a respected AFL player who played with the North Melbourne and Sydney teams football clubs. In 2006 he announced that he struggled with depression for more than 10 years of his 14 year playing career. Since his retirement for footy in 2002 he’s been been a strong advocate for mental health. Wayne walks the talk… he is open about his struggles and he is passionate about normalising mental health, help-seeking, emotional wellbeing and talking about suicide.

He started the Puka-Up Foundation with the goal of starting genuine conversations about wellbeing and mental health. The Puka-up Podcast consists of Wayne chatting with a variety of people about their experiences in or about their work in mental health. The goal is to help the listener to build their understanding and to help them to fill their toolbox to help them manage their wellbeing. He’s spoken with a wide variety of people, including Libby Trickett, Osher Gunsberg, Julia Gillard, Danny Frawley as well as a variety of psychologists and mental and physical health experts.

I’ve enjoyed these episodes:

  • Series 1 Episode 10 – Osher Gunsberg
  • Series 2 – Meditation with Tami Roos
  • Series 2 – Mindfulness with Marike Knight
  • Series 2 – Wellbeing & Gut Health with Simone Austin

The Psychology Podcast with SBK

SBK and The Psychology Podcast - Best Psychology Podcast
SBK and The Psychology Podcast – Best Psychology Podcast

The Psychology Podcast is presented by Dr Scott Barry Kaufman whom is a psychologist at Columbia University who has a particular interest in human potential. This podcast covers a wide variety of content but is focussed on giving us insights into how our mind and brain work, into our behaviour and all about creativity. SBK interviews his guests in a dynamic and curious way.

A few episodes that I’ve enjoyed are:

  • Episode 156 – The Alter Ego Effect
  • Episode 148 – Project Gratitude
  • Episode 153 – How to Care for Your Mental Health

Pop the Kettle On

Pop the Kettle On Podcast - Best Psychology Podcast
Pop the Kettle On Podcast – Best Psychology Podcast

Presented by Dr Rachel Bushing and Nicole Lessio who are old friends in Brisbane. They have got together and talk about all things mental health and wellbeing in a very relaxed chatty way. They are fun and light, but are prepared to talk about some tough issues too. They often talk about parenting and the struggles they have had. Rach is a clinical psychologist and Nic is a teacher.

I really enjoyed the episode where they talked about the Film Inside Out (Season 1 Ep 5).

But just listen to them… though they might not be what everyone is looking for.

The episodes are available through iTunes and Spotify.

The Osher Gunsberg Podcast

The Osher Gunsberg Podcast - Best Psychology Podcast
The Osher Gunsberg Podcast – Best Psychology Podcast

Osher has a weekly conversation that he hopes that will make today a little better than yesterday. He is very open about his own struggles with mental health and his diagnoses. He is open about how it is going at any one time… his goal is to normalise the discussion of mental health and the struggles that we might have.

He is a fantastic interviewer who enables his guests to feel comfortable and they have interesting conversations. You can find him on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter… but no website!

  • I really enjoyed Episodes 248 and 249 where Todd Sampson interviewed Osher. Then go back to Episode 236 where Osher interviews Todd.
  • Episode 268 – Osher interviewed Johann Hari the author of Lost Connections: Uncovering the Real Causes of Depression and the Unexpected Solutions.ünsberg-podcast/id711028488

Finding Mastery with Dr Michael Gervais

Finding Mastery Podcast - Best Psychology Podcast
Finding Mastery Podcast – Best Psychology Podcast

Dr Michael Gervais is a high performance psychologist who interviews people who excel in hostile environments to learn about the mental skills that have helped them succeed and to push boundaries. He interviews elite athletes, coaches, musicians, artists, business people and psychologists on his psychology podcast.

Some interesting episodes I’ve enjoyed or learnt a lot from are:

  • Episode 172 (8 May 19) – Dr Bessel van der Kolk – an expert in trauma
  • Episode 164 (13 Mar 19) – Dr Stephen Rollnick – Motivational Interviewing co-founder

And I’d like to listen to the following…

  • Episode 146 (7 Nov 18) – Dr Brene Brown, Research Professor and Author
  • Episode 152 (19 Dec 18) – Brian Mackenzie, Human Performance Specialist

Owning It: the Anxiety Podcast, Caroline Foran

Owning it The Anxiety Podcast - Best Psychology Podcast
Owning it The Anxiety Podcast – Best Psychology Podcast

Caroline Foran is the author of Owning It which is a guide to living with anxiety. In the podcast she talks more about anxiety, how to manage and interviews a selection of experts. She is an Irish (I mention this because I enjoy listening to her speak) woman who experienced severe anxiety and as a result tried many different approaches before she found what worked for her. She has shared this is her books which have gone to number 1 around the world.

I’ve only had a chance to listen to 2 episodes, but I’de definitely recommend diving in and exploring more…

  • Episode – Bonus: Common Mind Traps with Day to Day Anxiety
  • Episode – Dietician Oral Walsh talks anxiety and the gut

We all Wear it Differently with Amy Felman for Psychologists

We all Wear it Differently - Best Psychology Podcast
We all Wear it Differently – Best Psychology Podcast

This is an Australian based phsychology podcast that is designed to inspire and entertain psychologists through interviews with colleagues, peers and mentors. I’ve listened to 2 episodes that I found interesting and would recommend to anyone who is curious about these approaches, whether you are a psychologist or a potential client.

  • Episode #57 – The Gottman Method and couples therapy with Trish Purnell-Webb
  • Episode #58 – Self Doubt and Fear of Failure with ACT expert Dr Russ Harris


Invisibilia - Best Psychology Podcast
Invisibilia – Best Psychology Podcast

I’ve been alerted to this podcast and it’s a really interesting mix of topics. It focuses on the exploration of  the “unseen forces that control human behaviour and shape our ideas, beliefs, and assumptions.” The hosts, Alix Speigel and Hanna Rosin, merge science with story. They tell a story that is threaded through with the science behind the main issue. This podcast is on the American National Public Radio (NPR), which I’m guessing is similar to the ABC Radio National in Australia.

I started with the following episode:

  • Season 5, Ep 1 (8 March) – The Fifth Vital Sign – this episode was all about pain, particularly Amplified Musculoskeletal Pain Syndrome, which is a rare form of chronic pain. The story woven throughout is told of a young woman who has been diagnosed and follows her treatment journey.

Coach Cast by Training Peaks

Coach Cast by Training Peaks - Best Psychology Podcast
Coach Cast by Training Peaks – Best Psychology Podcast

This is not specifically related to psychology… BUT it is absolutely about performance. I have listening to a few of these episodes after a cyclist suggested one of the episodes. I thoroughly enjoy them from a personal perspective, but there is enough information contained within them that is so valuable as a psychologist too!

Here are a few episodes that you could start with that might given you a nice intro to this series.

  • Episode 20 – Endurance Elasticity with Alex Hutchinson – this is all about how we can push ourselves to our performance potential and how we can train our endurance.
  • Episode 21 – Building Confidence with Nicole Adams – Nicole is a sports psychologist, endurance coach and athlete and she talks about how we can build our confidence to enhance our performance.

The Two Shrinks Pod

Two Shrinks Pod - Best Psychology Podcast
Two Shrinks Pod – Best Psychology Podcast

This podcast is hosted by 2 psychologists, Dr Hunter Mulcare and Amy Donaldson. They work in quite different areas of interest with different populations and have a list of publications on their website.

They intend to present content and discussions at a level for psychologists and gives listeners an insight into how psychologists might think about and discuss problems. They describe the pod as them “nerding out on psychology and psychological theory”.

I’ve only had time to listen to a few episodes… But I did start with the following episodes –

  • Episode 42 – What makes us laugh? The psychology of humour – on the website for each episode there is a list of articles mentioned.
  • Episode 40 – You can’t ask a psychologist that – Hunter, Amy and guest Liz Daff discuss the questions that psychologists often get asked and how they answer them.

Please note – none of these podcasts are suggested as an alternative to seeking therapy. If you are struggling or would like some help please contact me.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my choice of Best Psychology Podcasts.


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