Why getting out in nature is good for you

This article reflects some of the knowledge I obtained at the recent workshop I attended on Personalised Integrative Therapy. One of the factors that is considered in PI Therapy is our environment. Getting out in nature, spending time being in nature or green spaces can have a positive impact on our mental wellbeing.

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This article provides an outline of some research that seems to support this idea. It suggests that being in ‘wild’ nature might be more beneficial; however being in green space, whether it’s a city park or a national park, seems to be beneficial to our mental wellbeing.

It’s interesting to note that the comparisons made in the research were between 3 groups who were exercising in different environments (a gym, a park and a national park or wilderness area) and they found reduced cortisol levels in each group. Cortisol is a hormone that is produced when we’re stressed.The implication is that exercise, regardless of the environment in which it takes place, is helpful for reducing stress.

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Why “Wilder” Nature is Better for your Health

It’s a report on the “study of the stress-reducing powers of wilderness explores ‘levels of nature’.”

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