Exercising to fulfil your potential

More about exercise, reaching your potential and enhancing your life. But this time in an audio format. Last week I was interviewed by the lovely Ellen Jackson for her Potential Psychology Podcast.

Ellen’s practice as a psychologist, working with businesses and delivering workshops as well as her podcast is all about helping people to reach their potential.

It was a delight to be interviewed and to talk about more about my passion for helping you to live your enhanced life; particularly your physical wellbeing, in the form of exercise. Please click on the like below and have a listen to the podcast. You can also find it through iTunes Podcasts and Google Play.

Potential Psychology Podcast – Episode 20

Enhance Life Psychology Albert Park, Nonie Carr Melbourne Psychologist

Do have a look at the show notes as there are a few resources added there that might be helpful. Ellen has also put together a neat little one page information sheet that you can download with my top tips for including exercise in your life.

If you’d like to discuss this with me further you’re welcome to contact me here or you can have a look at the Enhance Life Psychology Facebook page and contact me there.

If you know of anyone who might benefit from this please do share this podcast with them, or any of my other blog posts.

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