How did you sleep last night?

I spoke about sleep in a live video on Instagram earlier today. I thought it might be useful to post it here as well for anyone following my blog.

I covered a number of strategies that I often talk about with my clients when they are struggling with sleep.

  • I provide information about the sleep cycle and that it helps to catch the wave of sleep when we notice it.
  • Having a sleep routine is not only useful for children, but also for us.
  • Screens can have an unhelpful impact on our ability to sleep. Switching them off 60-90 minutes before we go to bed can be helpful.
  • Reducing, or cutting out, our use of caffeine in the evening, and even the afternoon for some people, can be helpful.
  • Downloading your thoughts onto paper can be helpful to reduce the amount of thinking or rumination when we go to bed. I used the image of Dumbledore and the Pensive. There’s an image of it here:

I do hope that this is helpful for you. Please do share this with anyone you think might find this useful.

If you have further questions or would like to talk to me about this please click here.

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