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International Day of Happiness 2018

Today is the UN International Day of Happiness. It was first celebrated in 2013 as a way to recognise the importance of happiness in people’s lives. In the lead-up to the day the UN publishes their World Happiness Report.

This year the theme is Sharing Happiness with a focus on the importance of relationships, helping each other and kindness. You can find out more about International Day of Happiness here.

Together with a group of psychologists across Australia I live-streamed about Engagement for Happiness on Facebook this afternoon. There was a series of 9 videos using the letters that spell happiness as a prompt for our topics. Here is the list of topics in the order that they were presented or posted online.

H – 3 H’s of Happiness – Hope, Health, Honesty

A – The Attitude of Happiness

A – The Art of Happiness

P – Planning for Happiness

P – Purpose for Happiness

I – it looks like this video went missing… but there are 2 A’s!!

N – Noticing Moments

E – Engagement for Happiness (posted below)

S – Stay in Your Own Lane

S – Summing up the Secrets to Happiness

If you would like to view the other videos please go to my Facebook page where I have shared all the videos. You will be able to click through to the other psychologists’ pages if that interests you. Please do like, share and comment on our videos. The more engagement we receive the greater the reach of our message about happiness.

I’d like to finish by sharing this video clip… we all know the song. It’s fun and makes me smile… it creates a feeling of happiness in me and I often sing along. Did you know that research has found that singing is good for our mood and health and can create happiness? Click here to learn about 11 benefits of singing.


Don’t forget that if you’d like to contact me for a chat about how I might be able to help you, you can find out how to do this by clicking here.

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