How do you know if therapy is working?


Therapy can be challenging. You have chosen to see a Psychologist because you’re struggling with something. There are many reasons people seek help, some of these might be:

  • anxiety, worry or stress
  • depression or a mood disturbance
  • difficulty adjusting to changes
  • difficulties at work or school
  • relationships, or friendships
  • body image, self confidence, or disordered eating

Enhance Life Psychology Albert Park, Nonie Carr Melbourne PsychologistWhen people start therapy, they sometimes expect to be given a solution or answer to their specific issue. It’s not that easy… Psychologists (and I’m no different) ask their clients to ‘work’ is session. This can make attending sessions difficult… it’s unpleasant being challenged and having to do work. Therapy can also be enlightening; it can open up your eyes to a new perspective or understanding about what has happened or how and why you respond cognitively and emotionally or how and why others might be reacting.

So how do you know when this sometimes difficult work is actually helping? This article outlines 9 signs to look for that might indicate that therapy is working for you.

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(This post was prompted by a link to an article that I posted on my Facebook page last week.)

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